Reporting Rules & Form

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Reporting Rules & Form

Post by Mr Rockeye on 31/3/2014, 14:52

 Reporting Rules 

- A person is guilty when he/she has stolen something.
- This something can be; money (in any form), a program and a design (any form of a design, logos, graphics and paintings apply).
- Remember that the rule above specifies stolen objects, it doesn't limit the stolen items.
- When not following the rules. CLICKY
- When heavily insulting someone and/or not showing respect to the relevant person.
- For a sanction two+ moderators have to agree on the relevant person's fault.
- If posting for "Fun" you will be getting a DT-badge.


Name of victim:
Name of scammer:
A link to the person's profile:
What did the scammer do?:
What sanction would you like the scammer to be dealt with?:
How much did you lose?:
Evidence (include pictures/videos):

A sanction is a punishment. If the person is found guilty of the act he/she will get that punishment.
The following punishments are able deal to the scammer:

DT-BadgeThe person is added to a special list of scammers and will be getting
a special badge that will show the person is not trustworthy. The 
badge is next to the topic's title.
BanThe person will be removed from the forums and the account will be
IP-BanThe person will be removed from the forums and the account will be
Deleted, the IP of the user will be added to a blacklist if he/she tries
to enter the forums again with a new account he/she will be denied.
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