Goals / achievements

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Goals / achievements

Post by Mr Rockeye on 14/6/2014, 12:07


I am curious to your goals and achievements on RS3.
What have you done thus far? and what are you planning on going to do?

My own achievement was getting a few 99's and being able to merch.
My goal is to get a lot of profit from merching.

Mr Rockeye
Mr Rockeye

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Re: Goals / achievements

Post by Zeno Zoldyck on 14/6/2014, 12:57

TBH ive met all my goals i have 3+ 99s and know how to invest and flip items in GE, and have made well over 100M profit so i pretty much just mess around on rs3 now ;p

Zeno Zoldyck
Zeno Zoldyck

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