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Trusted Application

Post by Mr Rockeye on 16/4/2014, 20:20

 Trusted Member 

A trusted member is a person you can trust with high (limited to $250) amounts of money. They can be used as middle mans for transfers you are not so sure of. A highly trusted person has done thousands of transactions and helped loads of people.
In order to become trusted you will have to fill out the form stated below:
Amount of transfers:
Total amount of traded money:
Amount of transfers where you went last:
Why should you become trusted?:
Link to your vouches:

- In order to apply for highly trusted your IP-address shouldn't have a bad history.
- You can only apply when you have been on the forums for over 6 months (active).
- You should at least have a 100 reputation points before applying.
- You should at least have a 100 vouches before applying, which of 50 you went last.
- You should at least have a 500 post count before applying.
- Posting without meeting the requirements gets you a DT badge.
- When you are denied you can apply once again after 3 months.
- You may not persuade people to vote for you.
- Decent English is expected from a Trusted member.
- Don't get full of sadness or full of hate once your application is denied.
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